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Hello, I'm Ben Morgan.  Thanks for visiting my website.   So, here's a bit about me.



I first learned to play music from my parents, friends and self-instruction.  I then added some crowning touches through formal instrument lessons, music theory, and a lot of studio time.  I love my guitar, and that's what I usually play on stage, on recordings and when sitting on my overstuffed couch passing time.  However, I'm equally at home with an assortment of other instruments.  I still like playing shows with just me and my guitar, or perhaps with my bass player or a supporting vocalist, but believe me, I LOVE my band.   When they add their additional guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to my lead vocals and guitar playing, I think the result is a full sound that’s original, invigorating and something you'll like to hear.


My sound's been called New Country or Southern or Country Rock by some and country-influenced Classic Rock by others, but to me its just my music -- a  "New Country" sound influenced by the songs of today, but also by the traditional rock, blues and country sounds I grew up with. To be sure, my songs are driving and fun, but they also include the occasional slower tune and thoughtful ballad. You may even hear me at the keyboards from time to time.



My album, "Sweet History,"  is now out and available on all music purchase and streaming apps and websites (itunes, Gmazon, Googleplay, Apple Music,Spotify, etc).  Also check out video, including the official music video for the titlre track ("Sweet History"), on youtube.   


Please join my email list and feel free to drop me a line via email any time   Also, we will update this website often, so check back now and then for more information on me, the band, our music, and our supporting tour.  Also, please check out my pages @BenMorganMusic and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  You'll never know what I might say.  :)



Anyway, thanks again for stopping by.  I hope to see you at a show real soon. I may be biased (just a little), but I think we'll have a great time, and it will be party you won't forget.



Thanks for listening to my music!


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Who is Ben Morgan

Ben Morgan is an established, touring, singer and song-writer backed by an experienced, rocking band.

Dubbed New Country or Southern Rock by some and country-influenced Classic Rock by others,  Ben Morgan’s music is driving and fun, but also includes the occasional slower tune and thoughtful ballad.  

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